Asociatia "Femeile pentru Actiuni Pozitive,Tolerantã si Educatie" a femeilor de afaceri din Romania

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Marcela Ghiulbenghian founding president

F.A.P.T.E. association intends to reunite the Romanian women into the most democratic and effective relationship form with the aim of pointing woman’s role awareness in our society. The association intends to offer to any of its members the possibility of being part of and organize various specific actions in order to fulfill this goal.

The organization’s activity started with the Romanian Women’s Club founding which already gathers over 2900 members and has the support of more than 200 associations and foundations. The Women’s Club have been founded at the initiative of Mrs. Marcela Ghilbenghian  the president of the Women’s Association for Positive Activities, Tolerance and Education at February 02, 1997 having in view for this Club to meet the women’s associations , feminine personalities and delegated persons from all the institutions in order to inform and know each other for working together.

Among the personalities who honored F.A.P.T.E. Club’s gatherings we may count Mrs. Senator Rodica Stanoiu, Minister of Justice; Mrs. Paula Ivanescu, Vice-president of the Romanian Parliament; Mrs. Norica Nicolai, State Secretary Minister; Mrs. Luminita Petrescu, Presidential Counsel; Mrs. Elena Preda, Senator; Mrs. Mitzura Arghezi, Deputy; Mrs. Elena Hasegan, Counsel with the European Council; Mrs. Kazinian Garine, Armenian’s Ambassador; their Royal Highnesses Princess Lia and Prince Paul of Romania; Mrs. Vintileanu Ioaneta, legal adviser – Deputy Manager at the General Police Inspectorate; Mrs. Florica Radulescu from TVR; Mrs. Doina Uricariu (Universalia Publishing House); Mr. Ion Tugui, writer; Mrs. Adina Gorea, Rompres Journalist; Mrs. Felicia Munteanu, writer; Mrs. Doina Lereanu, Chief Editor of Lady Magazine; Mr. M.Codrescu (Anastasia Publishing House); Mrs. Elena Vulpesu, writer; Mrs Elisabeta Polihroniade, Mrs. Georgiana Macovei from Human’s rights protection league; Mrs. Monica Lenos, TVR; Mrs. Lucia Humeniuc, S.I.R.D.O. Manager; Mrs. Liana Ghinda Director of the Foundation for Pluralism, Mr. William Chandler and Mr. Ian Crook from British Executive Services Overseas, Mrs. Madalina Nicolaescu, President of GENDER Organization; Mr. Radu Vasile, Prime Minister, Mr.Varujan Vosganian, Senator and Minister; Mr. Ulm Spineanu, Senator; Mr. Gh.Dumitrascu, Senator; Mr.Gh.Raboaca, Senator; Mr. Varujan Pambuccian, Deputy; Mr. C.Mihaila ONU Expert in Geology; Mr. Horia Nistorescu Balcesti, General Secretary of the Romanian Grand National Lodge, Mr. Dinu Grigorescu, Secretary within the Capital’s Mayoralty; Mrs. Elena Dumitru (Ministry of Labor) Mr. Chifane Dragusin, UNESCO member and Publicist;  Prof. Dr. Alexandru I. Stan, Prof. Galeri Costachi, Priest; Baronian Zareh, Vicar Priest; Vasile Mare, Greek-Catholic Rector Priest; Istodor Gheorghe Orthodox Priest, Mother Maria from Dridu Monastery, Mr. Prof. Aurel Simionescu, Dr.Enayati Varga from Baha’i; Mr. Radu Ionescu-Galati, President of the Romanian Liberal Monarchist Party; Baroness Lydia Lovendal Papae and her husband Mr. Architect George Lovendal Papae; Mr. Prof. Dr. Ioan Pop de Popa, Mr. Prof. Dr. Dumitru Constantin, neuro-psychiatrist; Dr. surgeon Bogdan Traian, President Galeni International Foundation, Mrs. Bioenergologist Laura Rotaru, Mrs. Dr. Melania Bulbuc; Mrs. Dr. Dorina Tenovici, Director of Christiana Hospital, Mr. Dr. Farmacologist Sandup Kumar from India; Mrs. Minodora Ilie, Prime Minister’s counselor for social issues, President of Omenia Foundation; Mrs. Catalina Barca, Governmental counselor; Mrs. Oana Manolescu, Deputy; Mr. Ioan Mateesu, President Eurosavam, Mr. Ioan Sanmihaian, Vice-President AGRU; Mrs. Emilia Cornisel, folk musicologist, Mrs. Elena Carstea and Mrs. Luki Marinescu, pop music soloists; Mrs. Ionela Prodan and Mrs. Stefania Rares, folk music soloists; Mrs. Cornelia Popa Angelescu, Romanian Opera soloist.

From the very first year of activity of F.A.P.T.E. Association, 1997, protests materials against pornographic broadcastings or those containing violence have been sent at radio or TV stations. Further the F.A.P.T.E Association’s letter sent to the Parliament and CAN, TV stations started to acknowledge the immoral broadcastings by showing a red spot on the TV display, especially for children protection. In April the same year, a protest against the Abortion Law has been sent to the Romanian Senate. At the same time steps against homosexuality legalization have been made. 

Another important action of F.A.P.T.E Association took place the same year in October when, under 41 non-governmental associations signatories along with the Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim and Mosaic Cult women’s Associations made a grievance to the Romanian President asking for the introduction of religion courses in the schools of all grades of the educational system, including faculties, function of the students confession, taught by specialized teachers, and religion history courses for the forthcoming generations to not remain atheist, ignorant in God’s Word. The purpose of those courses is to be finalized by an official knowledge testing system followed by the issuing of a graduation certificate.

One of the important actions of F.A.P.T.E. Association took place in 2001 when Mrs. Marcela Ghulbenghian, supported by CCIRB, (which made available for the festivity the Titulescu Hall and the list of businesswomen with the highest turnover), organized the event ”Bucharest Women in Top” at Romexpo and editing the work with the same name.

For the time being F.A.P.T.E joined the Families Association from Romania application by signing the petition against the legalization of homosexual marriages. At the same time the entire 2008 year the Association initiated a petition to the Romanian Parliament, asking for the forbidden of bio-metric passports and microchips which restrain the individual liberty and the right to private life. Through this petition, which is publicly opened for signing, asking the institution in right to take the legal actions necessary for the forbidden of those chasing mechanisms in Romania, due to the fact that Christian religion is against them, and the constitution gives us the right of rejecting the Satan worship. (see Carl Senders, the engineer who worked to this microchip). The rare metal  which it is made of might ruin our health by oxidizing and having no antidote.

F.A.P.T.E. Association also records the participation to many international and local gatherings, of which we mention Foreign ONG meeting at the yearly WANGO Conference (Budapest 2004 and Santo Domingo 2005), Balkans Women’s Associations Conference (Istanbul 2005) and others.

The Association is member of the National Committee for Equal Rights and gender problems, of the Coalition of Romanian Businesswomen Associations, of WANGO (World Association of Non Governmental Organizations) and has cooperation and good relations with the Euro-Atlantic Partnership for Sustainable Development, with the Orthodox and Catholic Women’s Associations.

We herewith attach photographs with F.A.P.T.E.-A.F.A.R. members and images from various F.A.P.T.E. Club gatherings.